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Arizona Cardinals to Matt Leinart: Throw Right-Handed?

Ever since drafting Matt Leinart with the 10th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, Arizona fans have been waiting to see their first-round choice develop into a star quarterback. In 2011, they may get their wish.

Sources close to the Cardinals organization have informed OTR that quarterback coach Chris Miller has solved a major problem. The following is our source’s story, verbatim:

“Miller has been watching Leinart throw all spring and he was having trouble figuring out why Matt’s passes were so awful, off-target, and rarely to the correct team. After a session, Steve [Breaston] shouted for Matt to throw him a Gatorade thermos. Matt picked it up with his right hand and tossed it to him, square in the hands.

“Miller looked at Leinart and questioned, ‘What was that?’ Matt responded, ‘Frost Glacier Freeze.’  Coach just shook his head and said, ‘Not the flavor number seven, you threw that with your right hand. And it was accurate.  Can you do the same with a football? Try throwing right-handed.’

“Matt picked up the football and started throwing darts. It was amazing. One after another. Coach Miller may have saved this team.”

OTR finds this absolutely fascinating. How can an NFL quarterback, who also played left-handed all throughout college (granted it was the PAC-10), not know he was right-handed? I mean, everytime Leinart took the field it sure looked like he was throwing with the incorrect hand, but who’s to know?

More importantly, does this solve Leinart’s problem with reading defenses like a middle-aged Stevie Wonder?  Or having the escapability of a Milledgeville college girl caught in a bathroom stall with Ben Roethlisberger? Only time will tell, but Coach Miller might be on to something.

***Note: OTR understands that escapability may not be a word***


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