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Canucks Trading Roberto Luongo Gets Less Likely by the Day

Canucks fans had better get used to the idea of Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo sharing reps. To say it’s been all quiet on the Luongo front could be the understatement of the century. Mums the word in Vancouver and looking at what’s happening around the league, there’s probably a good reason for the radio silence.

Many thought the Maple Leafs, who have been considered the favorites to land Luongo for as long as his name's been in the mill, needed help between the pipes to take that next step and make the playoffs. Apparently that’s not the case though. All they needed was an offseason to learn Randy Carlyle’s system. Be it Ben Scrivens or James Reimer the Leafs are also the beneficiaries of unexpected and otherworldly goaltending. Both netminders sport a .929 save percentage. Scrivens has the slight edge in GAA at 2.19 to Reimer’s 2.31. Raise your hand if you thought the Maple Leafs even had one legitimate starting goaltender, let alone two, when the season started. I didn’t think so. For all these reasons I can’t see the Leafs making a move for Luongo. Barring a Toronto esque meltdown that is.

The destination of choice for Roberto Luongo, the Florida Panthers, although not as interested in Luongo certainly kicked the tires. They are now, as per usual, deciding which players to ship off for draft picks in what is widely expected to be a fire sale of a trade deadline for the Panthers. With this season being all but lost for the Panthers, I can’t see them making a move for Luongo. At least not until the offseason. Might as well continue to stink up the joint and climb the draft picks chart. One of the main reasons they are struggling so mightily has been due to their goaltending though. They are currently sitting in dead last in goals against, giving up an average of 3.6 a game. They may not want Luongo this season, but oh how they will need him next.

A few other less frequently mentioned destinations in Chicago, Washington and Philadelphia are also seeming less and less likely to trade for the veteran netminder by the day. Chicago (in case you haven’t heard) set a record for the longest consecutive point streak and have yet to lose a game in regulation. Something tells me there is little urgency in Chicago to make a move. Washington, despite his not doing anything to earn an extension, just gave Braden Holtby a two year deal. It’s a little late to save their season anyways. Last but certainly not least, the Philadelphia Flyers have struggled in many areas but oddly enough not in net. Besides, if Holmgren wanted Luongo he’d have him by now. That’s just how he does business.

It’s an embarrassment of riches to say the least and it doesn’t look they’ll be redistributing any of it any time soon. At least not this season and almost certainly at this point not with a Luongo trade. As far as I’m concerned the list of potential locations for next season grows by the day while the list of sensible ones for this year shrinks just as fast. The good news for Vancouver, is Cory and Roberto are just classy enough to make it work. Can’t argue with the results up to this point.

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