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Canucks' Goalie Controversy is a Non-Issue

Long before the season ever started in Vancouver there was already a 'goalie controversy'. In fact, for almost as long as I have been a Canucks fan, there has been a goalie controversy.

This particular controversy started when Luongo was replaced last spring in the first round loss to the eventual Stanley Cup winning LA Kings. Most unfortunate in all of this is the fact that Luongo actually played very well for the Canucks in those games last spring, being replaced more to motivate the rest of a sluggish Canucks team it seemed than to punish the goaltender for a poor performance. Whatever the rationale, it signaled the end of one era in Vancouver and the beginning of another.

So before the great lockout of 2012 it was assumed by all and sundry that the new starter for the Canucks was to be the young protege Cory Schneider replacing the oft-maligned veteran Luongo. Luongo and his $5.3 million cap hit for the next several years were to be sacrificed to make way for the now well-developed, and much less expensive youngster.

Much has been made over the past couple of weeks since the lockout ended regarding GM Mike Gillis' asking price for Luongo and the distraction Luongo's presence would cause in Vancouver if he weren't traded post-haste for whatever we could get for him. Gillis has held fast in his demands for a good return for his all-star goalie and at this point, I applaud him for his patience. No point throwing away an asset like Luongo before the real desperate deals start coming in. Just look at how well that worked for Bettman and Fehr.

But now, 6 games into the season and Canucks fans are staring into the face of inconsistent play from BOTH goalies. How long before the fans completely break down and start calling for Eddie Lack to start? How can the Canucks be doing worse in net than the Maple Leafs who in a surprise move started THEIR backup Scrivens over Reimer to begin their season?

I expect a certain amount of fan hysteria to start boiling to the surface soon unless the Canucks can right the ship and start to show some urgency in their game. The unfortunate part is, the hysteria will be directed at the goal crease once again instead of at the rest of the Canucks team. A team that has so far this season looked disorganized, sluggish and down-right confused in their own end for long stretches.

I knew it wasn't going to be a long honeymoon for Cory Schneider, but at this point, I'm not even sure we've got time for one before the fans start talking divorce again.

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