Canadian Coach Helps Russian Olympian With Broken Ski

Canada has been racking up medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics and also demonstrating sportsmanship.

During the cross-country skiing men's sprint semifinal today, Russian Olympian Anton Gafarov crashed and broke one ski, notes the Toronto Sun.

As Gafarov struggled to finish the race with his broken ski, Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth ran onto the course with a new ski and attached it to Gafarov's boot.

Gafarov finished last, but was met with cheers from his home crowd.

"I was on the course with spare skis and poles for Alex [Harvey, a member of the Canadian team]," Wadsworth told The Globe and Mail. "I just went to watch. The Russian fell on the big downhill before the finish area and broke a ski. I was surprised no one else on the course gave him anything."

"I went over and gave him one of Alex's spare skis," added Wadsworth. "It was about giving Gafarov some dignity so he didn't have to walk to the finish area."

Wadsworth, who was born in the U.S., was an Olympic skier for America before becoming Canada's coach.

He is married to Canadian Olympic gold medalist Beckie Scott, who won the 2002 Salt Lake City cross-country event.

Sources: The Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun


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