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"NFL File" Found in Steroid Doctor's Office

In a search of Dr. Anthony Galea’s Toronto office last October, Canadian authorities reportedly made off with a ton of evidence including, 800 ampoules of substances with Russian labels, some HGH and a ton of homeopathic medicines.

But, the NFL is probably more concerned about folders that were confiscated with the titles “NFL file folder,” “Professional Players Journal” and “daytimer with football dates.”

Hmmm….we’ll bet Roger Goodell would love to get his hands on the contents of those folders. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says that the league is well aware of all of this and will cooperate fully with the feds.

“This is an ongoing federal investigation and we will cooperate fully, but we defer any comment at this time to the federal authorities,” Aiello said.

The Washington Post reported a while ago that Washington Redskins WR Santana Moss was connected to Galea and that he received HGH from him. Moss obviously disagrees with that report. And luckily, no names are listed in the court filing by the Canadian investigators.

The good news for Galea is that his very own attorney, Mark Mahoney, says he didn’t do it. Whew! Close call!

“The government never seems to want to address the fact that Galea cured people with homeopathic medications,” Mahoney told ESPN. “He is not using every pharmaceutical opiate and side-effect kind of drugs … The government loves to let people think we’re talking about performance enhancements when they know exactly it has nothing to do with performance enhancement.”


am Schefter tweeted that this could be another BALCO case, but we’ll believe that when we see it.


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