Can Roy Nelson Retire Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 137?

“The Nail in the Coffin!”. Alright this isn’t NBA Jam and I’m certainly not Tim Kitzrow but I feel like a Nelson vs. Cro Cop one on one game of hoops would be a phenomenal event in itself.

Mirko Cro Cop’s rare extended moment of heartfelt emotion at yesterday’s Pre Event UFC 137 presser stole the show. It’s clear that win or lose, this is a guy who’s done it all, seen it all, and has clearly met his final opponent in father time. Which would be a great nickname for Roy Nelson sporting the always dangerous and ravishing beard & luscious three-piece suit combo. Cro Cop’s life in general is one that could be and most likely will be the subject of a feature film. For all of his troubles he’s been rewarded with the most dedicated fan base in all of mixed martial arts. 

A win for Mirko tomorrow night in Vegas would certainly possess Croatia to celebrate for weeks to come. I just don’t see it happening. Expect the legendary southpaw to “Put up a brick” in what will most likely be the final fight of his unimpressive UFC career.

I swear Roy Nelson is hiding a six-pack under that suit. We’ll know exactly how slim and trim he is at today’s weigh in’s but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson’s mobile device gets blown up this weekend with messages from Men’s Health and GQ.

A lot of the MMA pundits are predicting a submission finish for the current -300 favorite in Nelson.  If Nelson should decide that he doesn’t want to hurt Cro Cop ( a fighter or two have seemed hesitant to out of respect in recent contests) then I fully expect the BJJ Black Belt to do so with relative ease. I certainly don’t expect to see another Frank Mir buzzer beater from downtown. Nelson should be looking to make quick work of Cro Cop at this point in his career and get on with his own after dropping two straight at the hands of current #1 Contender Junior Dos Santos and an ugly fight against Frank Mir where Nelson was suffering from pneumonia.

A quick “Razzle Dazzle” right hand KO or a “Nail in the Coffin” submission finish by Nelson followed by an emotional farewell from Mirko greeted with thunderous applause is about as likely a scenario as any. Then again it’s just as plausible that Roy could get hypnotized by Mirko’s shorts and succumb to that infamous checkered pattern. “Swish!”

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