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Can the Pittsburgh Pirates Keep this Up?

I hope, for the sake of baseball, that the Pittsburgh Pirates keep proving me wrong.

In fact, I am not going to jinx them by jumping on their bandwagon.

I have been saying for two months now that this team will not be able to pitch their way through their offensive struggles, yet so far they have. I have also said that their lack of innings out of their rotation would lead to their bullpen being worn out down the stretch. That remains to be seen. Although, their bullpen is 2nd in pitches thrown and average of innings per game at 3.55.

Both of those things make their decisions at the trade deadline very interesting. Is it more important for them to find a bat to boost their offense? Although the offense has been better as of late, averaging over 6 runs a game during their 6-game win streak. Which has been aided by the resurgence of Pedro Alvarez who now has 19 HR and 51 RBI. However, they are still 24th in average, a number that will have to improve to hang with the Cardinals and Reds down the stretch.

Or, do they go after another arm to aide their workhorse bullpen? After all, Clint Hurdle is going to have to find ways to get some of his studs some days off going down the stretch. Having another experienced reliable reliever would make that task a lot easier. 

I’ve made it clear all year how much faith I have in this team.

Right now though, let’s just focus on the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates are not only in 1st place in their division, but also tied for the best record in baseball.

Will it last though? You tell me…

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