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Can Phil Baroni Turn His Career Around?

DeWayne Zinkin, founder of Zinc Entertainment, has been impressed with Phil Baroni (14-15) lately, despite coming up on the losing end more times than not in the second half of his career.

Zinkin believes that Baroni now has more drive than ever to compete.

"After that last fight, even though he lost, it seems like it's lit a new motivation in him," said Zinkin. "He was back in the gym that week. He's working out right now and is in the best shape I've seen him in a long time. He looks and feels great and his mind is good."

Baroni has lost eight of his last 12 fights since 2007. He is currently on a two fight losing streak and last competed in June.

"We're going to get behind Phil and hope the best for him, but he really is in a good place right now," said Zinkin.

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