Can Kevin Kolb Help the Buffalo Bills?


In case you haven’t heard, the Buffalo Bills signed Kevin Kolb to a 2 year contract worth $13M. The plan is to have Kolb compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting gig and possibly another quarterback added via the draft.

That’s hardly news at this point though. Hope you’re ready for this one Bills fans. Kevin Kolb, he of the zero playoff appearances, is coming to Buffalo to bring the city a Super Bowl! When asked why he chose the Bills Kolb said “I’m here to win the Super Bowl. Period”. It was really kind of cute if you ask me.

As much as I can appreciate Kolb’s confidence - or at least comedic value - I can’t help but laugh a little too. If I’m Carson Palmer I think there’s no better time than now to upgrade that helmet. This is what happens when you play behind the Cardinals offensive line.

The fact of the matter is this team isn’t even close to playoff contention, nevermind this Super Bowl talk. They did just finish one of the more hyped up season’s in recent history 6-10 and fire their coach after all. Oh, and release their starting quarterback. What I’m trying to say is, I can almost let unrealistic expectations slide due to that whole “athlete’s needing to be confident” thing. Something this absurd though, not so much.

Kolb needs to be more selective in his choice of words and try to not shove his chest out so far the next time he speaks to the media. At this point in his career I think he should stray away from unnecessary hype and bravado. It didn’t work well in Arizona and it’s not endearing himself to the fans in Buffalo.

The good news for Kolb is that at this point the brain damage should develop at a much slower pace behind a much better offensive line. The bad news: Kolb’s as many established weapons in the receiving game in Buffalo as he did in Arizona. Should be interesting to see how this pans out. Assuming he beats out Tarvaris Jackson and whichever quarterback they draft that is.

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