Can Frankie Edgar Beat Benson Henderson at UFC 150?


According to Frankie Edgar (14-2-1), his first fight with Benson Henderson (16-2) showed how tough both men are and the end result could have gone either way.

"I think there are massive changes in every fight, whether you win or lose," said Edgar. "I was happy with my performance. Ben's a tough kid. I went in there and fought hard. He fought hard. It just didn't go my way that night."

Edgar noted how the damage to his body may have looked worse than Henderson, but that doesn't determine who landed better offense.

"Some people take damage better than others and I get beat-up in my fights whether I win or lose," said Edgar. "You don't have to damage a guy to knock him out or wobble him."

One item Edgar would like to change is to have some more body mass, but it's not easy to keep any weight gained once training starts.

"I'm always trying to improve in every area I can," said Edgar. "I think size is one area I need to put some weight on. I think naturally as I'm getting older I've put some weight on. It's tough since I train hard and that weight comes off."

The UFC Lightweight Champion Henderson defends against former champion Edgar in a rematch at UFC 150 on August 11.

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