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Can Frank Mir Can Out-Duel Junior Dos Santos?

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For most heavyweights, part of the gameplan for taking on Junior dos Santos must be to establish their offense anywhere but at striking range. To do otherwise has turned out poorly for all of his opponents in the UFC so far.

But, for Frank Mir, trading shots with dos Santos will be a key part of his strategy when he takes on the champ at UFC 146 later this month. At least, that's what he tells the Orange County Register

"I'm going to go ahead and strike with him, probably more than Carwin wanted to and some of these other guys and try to lull him into lowering his striking defense. If I get him into a rhythm where it's a boxing match, it will be easier to shoot or take him down," Mir reasoned. "If you are shooting right off the bat and are grabbing a leg and that person's waiting for it, it's like any combat tactic. It's very easy to stop what you are expecting."

Though some may question this strategy, Mir has his coach Robert Drysdale's full confidence that he can hang with the Brazilian bomber on the feet. From an interview with Drysdale on the first episode of UFC Primetime: dos Santos vs. Mir:

"This is JDS' most dangerous fight because, for the first time, he's fighting a guy that can out-strike him, out-wrestle him and beat him on the ground."

What do you think fight fans? Is Frank Mir trolling us all, playing the Anthony Johnson bait and switch, or has the former champ simply accepted that striking with JDS is inevitable and he might as well prepare himself for it?

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