Can the Angels Turn Things Around?

If the Angels are going to make a run to get them back into the AL West/Wild Card race, they need to do it right now. Actually, it should have started a few weeks ago, but better late than never.

The reason?

The Angels are currently in the middle of a 29 game stretch against teams with a record below .500. Fifteen games into this stretch, the Angels have gone a mediocre 8-7. Which includes winning their last 4 in a row.

In those last four games, their big bats have really been coming to life. Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, and Albert Pujols have combined for 18 hits (including 2 doubles, 3 triples, 2 HR) in those 4 games. Not only that, but the entire offense has followed suit, erupting for 37 runs.

The pitching is still a huge question mark, but we kind of expected that from their bullpen and rotation (to an extent) once Weaver went down.  However, Jerome Williams has been a pleasant surprise (3-1) and C.J. Wilson has been extremely consistent (7 quality starts).

Now, I am in no way saying that the Angels are capable of contending for a world series, or even the division for that matter. With that being said though, their current schedule at least gives them a chance to make things interesting and get back in the hunt.  

Oh, and like I said, they better do it now, because in the 19 games that follow this stretch, the Angels only have 4 games against teams with a winning percentage below .500.

Consider this your two weeks notice Mr. Scioscia.

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