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2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton's Father Continues to Hurt Him

ESPN is reporting that Cecil Newton has scheduled a workout for Cam Newton on February 10th in San Diego in front of reporters.

Hasn’t Cecil Newton done enough damage? If you ask me, under enormous pressure put on him by the actions of his father, with a Heisman Trophy, leading the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and a National Championship, Cam Newton has done pretty well this year despite his father. And now that Cam is about to “cash in” on an NFL career, Cecil is trying run Cam’s draft camp? Who does Cecil think he is? Earl Woods? Richard Williams?

Newton recently began working with quarterback coach George Whitfield, who also worked with Ben Roethlisberger while the Steelers quarterback was suspended by the NFL, and is trying to improve Newton's mechanics dropping back from center after playing in a shotgun and spread offense at Auburn.

If anything, NFL teams will have a problem with Cecil Newton's involvement. You don’t think GM’s are saying to themselves, can you imagine trying to sign this ked with his father in the middle of things?

Memo to Cecil Newton: Leave the kid alone and let him prosper. I’m sure he’ll write you a nice big check or by you a car or something. Stop sticking needles in the kid. Damage Done.

Brian James is an independent sports journalist covering major professional sports for over 25 years. You may email Brian directly @

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