NFL: Eagles Mistakingly Told Calvin to Run Around End Zone


In last night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles kick returner Jorrick Calvin caught a kickoff in the end zone with 4:22 left in the game. He ran around in the end zone waiting for the Cowboys to get him, apparently trying to run time off the clock.

But he didn’t. The clock doesn’t start on a kickoff until the ball carrier leaves the end zone. So, Calvin looked pretty stupid for not knowing the rules.

However, Andy Reid said on his weekly radio show on 610 WIP with Howard Eskin that Calvin was actually instructed to run around back there.

“He was told to do it,” Reid said.

Here we are all laughing at him, and that was coached. But, why?

Reid said that the Cowboys are known to dog it a bit on coverage, because their kicker David Buehler bombs so many out of the back of the end zone that they just assume it will happen all the time. So, Calvin was told to do it in order to make the Cowboys complete the coverage on the kick.

Eskin was as shocked as I was to hear that it wasn’t Calvin just freelancing out there. Good thing for Calvin.

Now, as to him hitting Alan Ball in the head and getting a 15-yard penalty? Andy said that wasn’t part of the plan.


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