Superstitions are O.K. for Michigan vs. Ohio State


The Rivalry

Michigan Wolverines - Ohio St. Buckeyes

Athletes and fans alike are a superstitious breed. Many famous athletes had superstitions they carried out through their entire careers. Jordan wore his North Carolina shorts under his game shorts, Boggs always ate chicken before games, Tiger wears his red shirt on Sundays, and Patrick Roy used to talk to the goalposts during games. Non athletes and people who are not sports fans can't seem to understand these superstitions and for the most part think they are just crazy. Yet, there is scientific evidence which shows that superstitions can improve self-confidence and performance.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Well this is a big week for me, the biggest of the year in fact. I'm a Michigan alumnus, and this is Michigan - Ohio State week. I'm about as big a fan as there is. I use a Michigan toothbrush every day. I have enough shirts to last a year. I am a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan, and for a fan of either school it does not get any bigger than this game regardless of either team's record. I'm also very superstitious and I always wonder if there is anything I can do to help my team win.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have become lax in carrying out my various superstitions as of late. For years, I refused to wear a Michigan shirt unless I was actually attending a game. For some reason I just always thought it was bad luck. Instead, I used to always wear a maize shirt with blue shorts. Over the years this was pretty successful. Then, on a day I wish I could forget and take back, I wore a Michigan shirt to an alumni watch party and Michigan lost to Appalachian State. I still blame myself and Michigan football has not been the same since.

Over the last three years, as the losses piled up, I started to believe that my superstitions didn't really make a difference. I would wear my maize shirt and blue shorts each week and we would still lose, so I would think to myself "why bother." Well, what if I'm not the only one who recently has stopped carrying out their various rituals. Maybe it does matter. Maybe, if collectively we all get back to our superstitions we can impart some type of positive influence on our beloved Maize and Blue. Maybe, just maybe we can pull together and beat Ohio State. This Saturday, I know I'll be wearing my lucky maize shirt and blue shorts. - Dr. David Silver

Dr. David Silver uses his skills as a practicing optometrist to see things clearly as it pertains to the world of football. A University of Michigan graduate, David can be found rooting for the Big Blue on Saturdays and the Dolphins on Sundays.

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