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Cal Coach Mike Montgomery Shoves Player Allen Crabbe (Video)

Cal basketball coach Mike Montgomery finds himself in a bit of hot water today after an unfortunate decision to shove one of his players.

With his team down to USC in the second half of Sunday night’s outing, Montgomery called a timeout to get things back in order. Dissatisfied with Allen Crabbe's play, the Cal coach stepped forward and pushed his star player in the chest. The two had to be separated by others.

Cal would go on to win the game thanks in large part to 14 second half points from Crabbe, but obviously that wasn’t the biggest story to emerge from this outing.

When asked about what happened after the game, Montgomery was less than apologetic.

"Worked, didn't it?" he said, according The Associated Press. "Allen had come down twice went to the wrong side of the court and his guy shot two 3s. I was trying to get him going. Probably overdid it a little bit but Allen's my guy. We can't win if he is not ready to play."

Shortly after that unfortunate remark, Cal athletics director Sandy Barbour released this statement:

"Sunday's game was an emotional one for everyone who cares deeply about our men's basketball program, and the Bears certainly showed tremendous resolve coming back to earn a win over USC. However, it is unacceptable for our coaches to have physical contact with student-athletes regardless of the circumstances. The second-half incident was certainly out of character for Mike Montgomery, and I am confident that something like this will not happen again."

And then Montgomery gave it a second shot:

"I have great passion for this game and tonight, I let my emotions get away from me in the heat of the moment. While my intent was to motivate our student-athletes, my behavior was inappropriate and I apologize for my actions."

It remains to be seen whether Cal or the Pac-12 will punish Montgomery for what happened. 

(USA Today)

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