Cain Velasquez Talks Josh Koscheck, Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem and More

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Cain Velasquez (10-1) shared his thoughts on the animosity with Josh Koscheck (17-6) and Javier Mendez, while also addressing the current status of the heavyweight division.

After Koscheck made comments that he hoped his former coach at American Kickboxing Academy Javier Mendez burned inside the gym, Velasquez says he can't let those remarks change is focus on training.

"In the end of the day, in here we are a team, but we fight individually," said Velasquez. "I need to constantly be in the gym getting better. That stuff can't affect me and I need to keep doing what I need to do and climb the ladder to win."

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion thinks he is next in line to challenge Junior dos Santos (15-1), who defeated him for the title at UFC on FOX 1 in November 2011 and feels he has the upper hand as he can do more than box.

"Being the champion you can't choose who you want to fight," said Velasquez. "You fight the No. 1 contender and that's it. I always think he's getting better, but he prefers to standup so he pretty much only uses boxing."

Velasquez said he watched Alistair Overeem (36-11-1 NC) while he trained and feels it's up to the UFC if they should give him a championship shot still due to him failing a drug test earlier this year

"The UFC will take care of it how they see fit," said Velasquez. "I really have no say in that. I believe in my heart that everyone should be on the same level when they go out there and fight. That's being clean and using your training. He's definitely well round and been in this sport forever. He's the total package. I've always watched him and he's [fought] a lot of great fighters."

Dos Santos was rumored to defend his championship against Velasquez at UFC 152, but nothing was ever made official. There has been no confirmation on whom or when Velasquez will fight next.

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