C.B.C. Does Something Right - Shock!

From the 'I never thought I'd say this' file: the latest move by the C.B.C., Canada's national embarrassment network, announced this week they were pulling the plug on their online broadcasts of Hockey Night In Canada in the Punjabi language. 

Yes, they did show hockey games on their website in Punjabi. 

For two years the C.B.C. had made available the Saturday night staple in the country's fourth-most spoken language. 

While this will not have any impact on the billion dollars of funding MotherCorp receives annually, it is good news for those of us who have long complained of diversity run amok.

The C.B.C. blames low ratings for the cut.  Of course, the expected whining has already started.

As reported in the Calgary Sun, some members of the Indian community are lamenting the loss of the service.

Said Calgarian Balwinder Marwaha: “It was almost like a religious thing — on Sunday morning we go to the temple and every Saturday night, we’d watch Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi.”

"...(It) helped Punjabi-speakers feel closer to their country while staying true to their language."

Staying true to their language?  Give me a break.

Here's an idea Balwinder: to get that 'Canadian' feel, how about watching the games IN ENGLISH?

While I won't put words in Marwaha's mouth, I've spoken with more than enough members of Canada's minority groups to anticipate the 'but not everyone speaks English' diatribe.

That's a common defense on many different subjects regarding Canada's ill-conceived idea of multiculturalism.

I suggest that the solution is in the statement.  Instead of our national institutions trying to be all things to all people - which has resulted in a nation full of communities not able (or willing) to inter-communicate, how about this way-out, radical idea:

Live in Canada?  Learn the language. 

Who knows, maybe watching HNIC in English will help some of our immigrants pick up a bit of English.

That would make the C.B.C....helpful.

Who would have thought?


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