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Lakers' Andrew Bynum to Play in Game 4?

According to Mike Trudell on Twitter, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson thinks that Andrew Bynum will play in Game 4 vs. the Phoenix Suns. That’s music to Lakers’ fans’ ears.

“Phil Jackson expects Andrew Bynum to start tomorrow: “I think he’s going to be fine,” Trudell tweets.

Says you, Phil. Bynum is playing with a painful knee injury. At this point, it is basically guaranteed that Bynum will need offseason surgery.

But the idea of relying on Lamar Odom isn’t one that sits well with the Lakers. You just never know what you are going to get with him, and in Game 3 it wasn’t good.

And on top of that, he has a lackadaisical attitude that doesn’t inspire confidence from anyone. T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times asked him if he was bummed out about his Game 3 performance.

“No,” Odom says. “Life is good.”

That’s good to know. Lakers fans probably love hearing that.

“It’s just a game,”‘ he says. “It’s just like when you play great, you put those games behind you, and when you play bad, you put those behind you.”

Technically he’s correct. But to many fans (and team executives that don’t want to lose their jobs over losses that can pile up when you play like crap) it’s more than that. They don’t want to hear that you are ok with a bad performance.

“The greatest players in the world sometimes play bad in any sport,” Odom says. ” Joe Montana had one before. Gretzky. It happens. I’m just Lamar.”

You got that right, Lamar. And that’s why the Lakers will push Bynum as hard as they can to get him to play in Game 4.


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