Bye: America’s Team

After a much needed win over the Houston Texans, the Dallas Cowboys will head into week four’s bye feeling like a million bucks (or at least $54,896).  But, how good should American’s team feel about their 1-2 start? The most talented team on both sides of the ball, the Dallas Cowboys are failing to live up to their own over-hyped expectations… again.

Underperformance seems to be the theme in Dallas since Aikman found his calling in the Booth. A team that has won only a single playoff game in a decade, “American’s Team” is once again in a position to repeat its un-American behavior, and once again fall to win. 

The Cowboys managed to loss their first two games to Washington and a surprising Chicago Bears team.  Sure, it’s still early. But, when you are fourth in the league in passing yards and fifth in total yards, and you’re still dropping games to teams with half the talent, something needs fixing.

It would be easy to blame the Defense, but that’s hardly the problem. The star-studded D is giving up just 17 point, 84 rushing yards and just under 300 total yards per game.

Tony Romo is throwing the ball relatively well (940 yards, four touchdowns) considering the issues with the O-line (room has been sacked five times). Austin has been looking sharp, averaging 14 yards a catch and hauling in a team-high 22 receptions. Even the all but forgotten, fantasy free agent Roy E. Williams has made his presence know with two big touchdowns in last week’s game against the Texans.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is the Dallas cowboys are fighting for more than wins; they are fighting to retain the title of “American’s Team.”

After spending big bucks on a new home, a few new offensive toys and a giant television (how American of them), the Boys are stuck trying to be something they cannot be: a high-flying passing team.

Unfortunately, for the Cowboys, they aren’t that team, and until they face the facts they will remain stuck in this struggle with themselves. 

The O-line is taking a beating because they rarely get the opportunity to throw their weight around and run block, allowing defenses to set up game plans aimed at stopping a mediocre passing game. Yeah, Romo is throwing for 300 yards a game, but the problem is he is doing it out of necessity.  The Cowboys are ranked twenty-sixth in the league in rushing, averaging just 81 yards on the ground in their first three games. Without the running game, the Cowboys are unable to build significant leads, causing the Cowboys to throw more in the third and fourth quarters.

The Dallas Cowboys will have to put the nicknames aside, and incorporate the running game, if they want to be successful.

Romo is no Aikman, deal with it. But, he can still get you 200 yards and a touchdown every week – and that can be enough to win ballgames.


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