Buzzer Beaters – March 3, 2011


* 48 Minutes of Hell reports: ”Good times in the Spurs locker room after their defeat of the Cavaliers tonight. There was a lively inter-team debate—all in good, self-deprecating fun—about who was the better open three point shooter, Matt Bonner or Gary Neal. One could tell that the conversation was, in some sense, a sound ribbing of Neal, Bonner, or both. It’s hard to say what they did to bring on the harassment—Bonner was clearly embarrassed to be the subject of the argument.”
* Brian Windhorts thinks Derrick Rose has the inside track on being named MVP this season.
* LaMarcus Aldridge was named the Western Conference’s Player of the Month for February while Dwight Howard got the honors in the Eastern Conference.  
* Royce Young from Daily Thunder reports: “(Kevin) Durant left the arena wearing a protective boot, but that was just deemed a precaution. He said he thinks he could be available to play against the Hawks Friday in Atlanta.”
* Sticking with the Thunder, Young wrote: “Serge Ibaka got to be himself. Ibaka had seven points, 12 rebounds and six blocks, but probably altered at least five other shots. Having a true defensive-minded center next to him, not only did Ibaka get to play in position, but he was able to leave his man, rotate and swipe at shots at will. He didn’t have to worry about defending the block as much and really did what he’s best at: roam. He kind of player rover, patrolling the paint looking for shots to block. So imagine how much better it’ll be with Perkins, who’s a better version of Mohammed.”
* Nets Are Scorching did some digging and they think they found the Nets new logo.

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