MLB News: Giants Posey Hurt, Brewers Greinke Shines, Mets & Rain


Buster Posey Hurt

San Francisco Giants catcher and cleanup hitter, Buster Posey,  sustained what appeared to be a significant injury to his left ankle in a home-plate collision in the 12th inning. Florida’s Scott Cousins barreled into Posey while scoring the tiebreaking run as the Giants lost 7-6 to the Marlins.

Posey was attempting to block the plate as his left foot/leg was caught underneath the contact. He stayed on the ground for some time before trainers helped him to his feet and carried him off. He will undergo an MRI Thursday. Manager Bruce Bochy, a former catcher, didn’t believe the play was dirty but said it was difficult to watch.

“It’s the toughest play in baseball. You hate to see it,” Bochy said. “As a catcher you know what it’s like, and you don’t like it. Believe me. When I see him laying there, it’s certainly not a good feeling.”

I’ve said it a million times, you can’t have your best hitter as a catcher. You are just asking for trouble. I can’t imagine why anyone would let their best hitter play a position where people throw hard projectiles at them at nearly 100 mph. In some uncivilized countries, they do still do this primitive practice with humans that don’t have a glove and catchers gear. They call it stoning! On top of that, the position has a high risk of grown men barreling into them while they are in a compromising position, attempting to catch a ball, with the benefit of a 90’ head start building up steam.

If you are the Giants with Posey, the Minnesota Twins with Joe Mauer, the Cleveland Indians with Carlos Santana, the Atlanta Braves with Brian McCann or any other team that thinks they have a player that is arguably one of the best hitters on the team or has the potential to be, GET HIM OUT FROM BEHIND THE PLATE!

Zack Greinke Does it All

Zack Greinke struck out 10 over seven strong innings and belted a tiebreaking homer in the fifth, and Prince Fielder had four RBIs as the Brewers swept the Nationals with a 6-4 win Wednesday.

Now that’s what the Brewers were looking for when they traded for him. For you Greinke Fantasy owners, I would expect to see Greinke get on a little roll here. If you don’t have Zack on your fantasy team and you want to take advantage of a pitcher who is feeling it, bet on his next few outings. Take the long side and make some easy dough.

Rain, Rain Go Away

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs in a rained shortened game on Wednesday 7-4. I happen to be a Mets fan and I’m happy the Mets won. While they won the game fair and square, playing by all the rules, that doesn’t mean that I can’t call a spade a spade. The rule that permits a game to be called official when it doesn’t go a full length is cheesy. The logic behind it is so obviously shallow that I don’t know where to start.

The game is a 9 inning game. Rosters are comprised in such a way where pitchers schedules are set and players are on the teams to play in certain offensive and defensive situations. Playing a shortened game does not permit for rosters to be used as intended. Calling a game short of its full length is like calling a race ¾ of the way through for a reason that has nothing to do with the race itself. The runner who paced himself ready to sprint at the end has his ability to sprint to the finish taken away. This rule needs to be changed and the games should be completed.

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