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Business As Usual: Duncan Breaks Two All-Time Playoff Records In Game 4 Win

It seems like Tim Duncan breaks or ties another NBA playoff record with each passing game, and last night was no exception.

After Game 3, Duncan tied Magic Johnson’s all-time record for playoff double-doubles. Yesterday, with 10 points and 11 rebounds, he broke it. 

This is a truly awesome accomplishment for anyone, but Duncan’s long run of excellence makes it somehow seem expected. After all, the double-double mark wasn’t even the only record Duncan broke last night.

During the course of the Spurs' 107-86 victory over the Heat last night, Tim Duncan became the all-time NBA leader in playoff minutes. He passed Kareem Abdul Jabaar’s mark of 8,851 minutes and now has 8,870 to his name. Duncan accomplished the feat in four fewer games than Kareem did.

San Antonio has made the playoffs in every single one of Duncan’s 17 seasons. Accordingly, the future first ballot Hall of Famer ranks pretty high in a number of other all-time NBA playoff stats as well. Here are a few of the most notable ones, as noted by Sports Illustrated:

• 4th in career playoff games

• 5th in career playoff points

• 3rd in career playoff rebounds

• 1st in career playoff blocks

• 7th in career playoff PER

What better way to celebrate Duncan's accomplishments than by watching this monster slam he threw down yesterday:


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