Burress Out of Jail, Headed for Free Agency


Plaxico Burress has just gotten out of jail and even though shortly before his release there seemed to be a slew of NFL teams looking to offer him a job and a way out of free agency, apparently not everyone is keen on welcoming him on board. The Cleveland Browns have been included in the rumors on various forums and discussion boards across the internet, but apparently, they may not be interested in securing Burress’ services after all.

According to Coach Pat Shurmur, the Browns are indeed in the market for some additional pieces to complete the offensive puzzle around QB Colt McCoy, but at Burress’ position the team is well stocked. Shurmur said that while the team’s veteran receivers were younger than Burress, they already got a few NFL seasons under their belts and that he was looking forward to working with the pieces currently at his disposal.

In a turn that may yet come back to haunt Burress, Shurmur also said that the Browns were always looking for players of good character who were competitive and hungry for wins. He didn’t say Burress wasn’t such a player, but everyone can read between the lines. The Dolphins are also looking to sharpen their offensive capabilities, but they too have revealed that Burress wasn’t on their list of possible acquisitions. According to the Miami Herald, the team was quite categorical about not being interested in the veteran WR. The New York Giants, the team with which Burress had achieved Super Bowl glory were also floated as a possible destination for him, but according to Burress himself, he’s not likely to end up in New York again.

According to Burress’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, his client is a top free agent and many teams are interested in securing his services.


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