Burke or Froman: Who Should Start for Louisville?


Ok, let me first say I think it’s absolutely way too early for this discussion and it’s really not an issue because Charlie Strong said in his Monday press conference Adam Froman would be the starter when he’s healthy. However, the debate has already begun amongst many UofL fans, so I’ll go ahead and weigh in.

With the injury to Froman and the fact Justin Burke led the Cards to victory on the road against Syracuse, many fans are suggesting Burke should continue to start despite how well Froman played until his injury.As a general rule, I don’t think someone should lose their spot because of injury.

At the same time, I do not think a player should return unless they are 100%, especially at such an important position like quarterback. In Froman’s case, he has a thigh injury and if he is not 100% with his legs, that takes away a large part of what he does well, not to mention a large part of the offensive playbook.

Having said that, I think you keep going with Justin Burke until Froman is fully healed. As well as Froman has played this season, and make no mistake he has played very well, there is not a huge gap between him and Burke. If Froman were at the level of a Brian Brohm or Chris Redman, then I would say he starts immediately.

But, Froman is not Brohm or Redman, and Burke does not present that much of a drop-off. If the Cards continue to win with Burke at the helm, then I think you ride the hot hand as long as possible. If Burke simply plays okay and the Cards drop a game or two, depending on how long Froman is out, then I think it’s an easy move to go back to Froman.

Again, Charlie Strong has already said Froman will be the starter when he returns. However, if Froman misses two more games and Justin Burke leads the Cards to a 3-0 record, I think Strong will need to revisit that position.


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