2011 NBA Mock Draft: Chicago Bulls Prospects, Trade Rumors

Bulls rumors have been quiet.  I've been on HoopsHype, ESPN, NBA.com, Twitter, Chicago Tribune, etc. looking for rumors.  I'll start making a list, here.  

Things are quiet because the Bulls really aren't in a position to do much.  They want to keep the core together, which is smart.  They don't need to make a splash, since they just won 62 games.  But, the Bulls can make themselves better on draft night.

8:06 AM 6/23/2011

Did the Bulls kick the tires on Lamar Odom?

A recent conversation between the Warriors and Lakers centered around Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown going to Golden State for Ellis, but those talks went nowhere, sources said. The Bulls would become involved if they were willing to part with Joakim Noah, and Chicago executives have consistently balked at including him in trade talks for the past year -- mostly due to the base-year compensation factor in the five-year, $60 million extension he signed last year. CBSSports.com

I don't think the Bulls are foolish enough to part with Noah for Odom.  Where would Odom fit on this roster? 

But I do like any talk that surrounds Shannon Brown.  I talked a lot about him last year, and thought the Bulls should give him a look at the end of FA.  He's developed into a really good shooter, plays solid defense and has good ball handling skills.  He's a free


6:50 CT 6/22/2011

Bulls Trying to Move Up?

Alex Kennedy: The Chicago Bulls are trying to package their two first-round picks - #28 and #30 - to move up. They're talking to a few teams in the teens. Twitter



Vinsanity in play for Bulls?

The Suns have long been expected to buy out Vince Carter's $18.3 million final season for $4 million. Which could give Carter the chance to answer the question of whether he ever really wanted to try to be a winner. Or just score points. The Bulls will be one of the teams likely interested in Carter if he is bought out — similarly with Richard Hamilton, who is less likely to be bought out because he has two years left on his contract. The Bulls will be over the salary cap, so they cannot offer Carter more than a minimum deal.Currently, there is a mid level exception, which most don't expect to survive the new collective bargaining agreement. So would Carter come to the Bulls for a minimum when he can make much more, though with a lesser team? The advantage the Bulls have is they can offer a starting job. Of course, Dallas likely could, as well, on a minimum deal. The Heat could not. NBA.com

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