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Buffalo-Bound Sammy Watkins Has No Clue What A Cold Winter Is

New Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins has a few surprises coming his way in upstate New York.

Watkins, the stud receiver out of Clemson, told reporters last night that he’s not worried about the snow and cold weather in Buffalo because he’s been through cold winters at Clemson. Keep in mind that Watkins grew up in Florida, and played his college ball in South Carolina.

“Being at Clemson, I’ve seen a lot of snow,” he said. “We have a cold winter.”

What could Watkins mean by saying he saw “a lot” of snow at Clemson? Four inches. That’s the total snow accumulation Clemson saw during Watkins’ four years at the school.  As For the Win writer Chris Chase points out, Buffalo received 14 inches of snow on March 14 alone this year. For contrast, it was 75 degrees in Clemson that day.

Even if Watkins learns the hard way that a football turns into a rock when it’s 15 degrees, he’ll still be a great addition to Buffalo’s team. Watkins is widely viewed as the most explosive player in this year’s class, which is probably because he’s capable of making plays like this at any given moment:


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