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Cowboys' Dez Bryant’s Mom Convicted of Drug Dealing in 2009

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has been in the news quite a bit lately. Not only did the Cowboys jump up in the first round to select him, but there has been this ongoing story about Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asking Bryant if his mother was a hooker (we are tired of the word prostitute) during pre-draft interviews.

He didn’t ask if she was selling sex for money during the actual pre-draft interviews (we weren’t clear there), he was asked if she was a hooker period.

So, she told AOL Fanhouse today that she never got an apology from Ireland and she thinks she deserves one.

Maybe she does deserve one, but ESPN is now reporting that Angela Bryant was arrested as recently as 2009 for selling crack cocaine. No, she wasn’t selling her body, but she was engaged in illegal activity. She sold crack to undercover police informants in April of 2009 and received 10 years probation, which is actually a slap on the wrist.

She was arrested in 1997 for selling crack as well and received 18 months probation.


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