Bruce Irvin's Suspension A Blow to Seahawks Reputation

As of this weekend the Seahawks have taken another step towards being dubiously known as “Team Adderall” league wide, with the news being released about Bruce Irvin’s four game suspension for use of the banned substance. This is the third suspension - albeit one was overturned - in less than a calendar year for the Seahawks for use of the performance enhancing drug.

Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman were handed suspensions for this very same reason with only four games remaining in the 2012 regular season. Sherman’s was overturned, but the damage to his already objectionable reputation had been done.

With the third PED suspension to the Seahawks in under a year the damage done to personal reputation is slowly becoming second to that of the team’s. One quick look at Twitter and you’ll notice the “Team Adderall” moniker for the Seahawks is quickly starting to gain momentum; fair or otherwise. Pictures of the Seahawks logo are now emerging, with photoshopped images of needles and pills making their way into it and even the ominous eye of the Seahawk in the logo is starting to take hits.

The Seahawks need to address this and they need to do it yesterday. It’s not enough to talk about this, it’s time for Seattle to put something in action. While Seattle’s GM John Schneider has said that “This is something that we take very seriously here” and that the league “has done a great job of educating guys and we’ve actually gone above and beyond what the league had done”. The results say otherwise.

I’m not sure what the solution to this very serious problem is, but by that same token it’s not my problem to solve. If the Seahawks were to perhaps borrow a page from their divisional rival 49ers book, they could go all out and throw the book at Irvin, a la Chris Culliver. When Chris Culliver made some very inflammatory and even more so stupid comments regarding the possibility of having a gay person on his team or in the locker room, the 49ers responded by making Culliver go to some sort of sensitivity training and issued an apology. Maybe being “suggested” into rehab or some sort of counselling is the deterrent necessary for Seattle? Maybe Irvin is the sacrificial lamb of their locker room, used to set an example for anyone else who dares to dabble in the world of PEDs.

Whatever the case the Seahawks are going to have to get creative to fix this problem. They’re already unsure of when they will get Chris Clemons back from his ACL injury and now have to find a way to cope with the loss of Irvin for the first month of the 2013 season. That’s not where their troubles end though, as Ian Rapoport has tweeted that “#Seahawks could face fines by @NFL for multiple players being suspended in a season for violating PED policy after Irvin”. In what’s been an otherwise fantastic offseason for the Seahawks, they are now being faced with some serious adversity for the first time in what feels like a while now. Will be interesting to see how they respond.

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