Browns Fans Can’t Wait To Drink This Beer This Fall

The last five, I mean ten, okay twenty, seasons have been pretty rough for the ol’ Cleveland Browns. It’s been 16 years since their last playoff win, which means some people driving right now didn’t exist the last time the Dawg Pound cheered after a game in January.

I wouldn’t blame Browns fans one bit if they celebrated every Sunday by getting obliterated instead of watching the game. One can only watch so much Jake Delhomme in a lifetime.

Browns fans think their fortunes are about to change thanks to this guy named Johnny Manziel, and you can’t blame them for being excited.

But in the event that things don’t immediately turn around in Manziel’s rookie year, we’ve got the perfect beer for Cleveland fans to drown their sorrows in: The Johnny Man’z Ale.

Some clever Browns fans brewed up this beer and stuck a label on it that’s just as cool as the name. Browns fans, meet your elixir: 

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