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Sheldon Brown: Some Philadelphia Eagles Didn’t Respect Gameplan

Cleveland Browns CB Sheldon Brown went on 610 WIP the other day to speak with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese. He made some comments that dovetailed with our report from a couple of days ago about Jeremiah Trotter being brought in to keep CB Asante Samuel in line.

“I just think, we as a defense in Philadelphia, you just have to believe in what coach McDermott preaches and follow the plan,” cornerback Sheldon Brown told Howard Eskin and Ike Reese of WIP radio in Philly this week. “You know, sometimes I look back at last year, the season, I feel that we had some players that really was questioning some of the things that were being done. And [we] never had that situation since I’ve been there. And first and foremost, you have to believe in the system, believe in the plan, or you lose before you even go out there. And if the guys can remember to do that, stick together, they’ll be fine.”

We think he’s referring to Samuel, who signed a $57 million deal in 2008. Samuel was known to be freelancing in the last two Dallas games and doing whatever he wanted.

“Sometimes when guys come from other places, and you feel as if some guys in house that have been working hard feel as they’re not appreciated, then obviously in any workplace, it’s gonna become a problem,” Brown continued.

Again, he’s probably talking about Samuel. This Eagles team is in trouble. We don’t think they want any parts of Samuel any more, but at the same time they simply can’t add another hole to the defense or lose another playmaker on that side of the ball.


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