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Cowboys Keith Brooking: Reid the problem, not McNabb

Dallas Cowboys LB Keith Brooking told a Dallas radio station on Friday that he thinks the problems the Philadelphia Eagles had with the Cowboys at the end of the 2009 season ran much deeper than the play of QB Donovan McNabb. The former All Pro thinks the play calling was a bigger issue.

“The way we dominated them, obviously [Donovan] McNabb didn’t play his best, but they were very predictable,” Brooking said. “We knew exactly what was coming on every play. A lot of that didn’t have to do with Donovan McNabb.”

“You don’t know what you got until it’s gone,” Brooking said of the Eagles possibly trading away McNabb.

“It’s not like the Eagles have five or six rings or any championships,” Brooking added. “That guy’s been getting booed there since he was drafted. You have to admire that guy for how he’s handled it.”

This would seem to echo the sentiments of people who actually watched those two games and can assess them objectively. Donovan had no time to throw. The receivers were covered. They didn’t run the ball. Oh, and the Eagles defense was an unmitigated disgrace. Other than that, it was all Donovan’s fault.

Brooking knows this and thinks the Eagles are making a mistake in moving him.

“I have a lot of respect for him. I think he has a lot left in the tank and he can add a lot to a franchise. I don’t think they’re making a very good move at all with that one,” Brooking said.


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