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Broncos Jason Hunter Stabbed by Girlfriend

They stabbin’ errr body in hee-yah! A few days ago, everyone’s favorite malcontent, Brandon Marshall, was stabbed in the abdomen by his loving wife. Now, Denver Broncos defensive Jason Hunter wants to get in on the action.

According to WXYZ 7, the 27-year old Hunter was stabbed in the shoulder by his 23-year old girlfriend. It looks like these guys are acting like a-holes, dating crazy, crazy women…or both. Mistreating a nutso isn’t a good cocktail recipe.

Sources tell the station that Hunter won’t say where the stabbing took place, as if that matters.

The girl is facing charges that include felonious assault. But supposedly she won’t be arraigned on those charges because Hunter doesn’t want to press charges. She must be hotttt!

Information and other details are still being gathered and we don’t know at this time if it will affect his ability to play football during a lockout.


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