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Broncos Unhappy with Fans Booing Kyle Orton

It was third down with nine yards to go at the Broncos’ full padded scrimmage at Invesco Field @ Mile High on Saturday evening.  Starting quarterback Kyle Orton was leading the first team offense in the red zone in front of nearly 18,000 Broncomaniacs.

Orton scrambled before sliding three yards short of the first yard marker.  Then came the booing.  The offense was forced to settle for a field goal in the red zone for the second consecutive drive.  Stalling in the redzone is something Denver fans are all too used to following last season, so the frustration is understandable.

Some of Orton’s teammates don’t appreciate the booing however, defensive end Robert Ayers among them.  “[I] really wish fans [would have] stopped booing Orton,” Ayers tweeted shortly after the scrimmage had ended.  “He is our quarterback and our coach thinks he gives us the best chance of winning.  Fans, please respect that.”

To be clear, Ayers was not knocking second year quarterback Tim Tebow, and he makes a good point.  We’re all Bronco fans and if EFX think Orton gives the team it’s best chance to win, let’s get behind that.  With what appears to be an improved defense and running game, Orton may be on the verge of a solid season — we’ll have to wait and see before passing judgement.

“[I am] not against Tebow at all, I support whoever our starting quarterback is… Regardless [of] who it is… We win and lose as a team.”

Well said, Ayers, well said.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion and you don’t have to agree with all the coaches decisions or even like the starting quarterback.  But booing the players that play for team you root for, and at a fan appreciation game for that matter, may be going over the line. 


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