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Broncos Tim Tebow More of a Winner than Panthers Cam Newton?

The Broncos won against this past Sunday, and it resulted in Tim Tebow being 3-1 as Denver’s starting QB this year… no matter how ugly some of those wins are. In fact, the win over Kansas City was the ugliest yet. Tebow went 40 minutes without completing a pass and found his receivers just twice. Yes, Tebow’s final passing line was 2-of-8 for 69 yards and one TD. For a NFL QB, that’s pitiful, yet for Tebow, it results in a win.

A little while ago, we had an open discussion on who would win more games this year, Tebow or Cam Newton. As of today, Tebow has three and Newton just two. Numbers of games played? Tebow just four, while Cam has started since day one equaling nine starts. It appears we may already have our answer, and Tebow may be the clear choice. But I want to look at it a bit differently and tell you who will win more over their career. I am taking a prediction and turning it into a Nostradamus-like foretelling. Cam Newton will win more games over his career, no doubt about it.

I could throw more stats, numbers, game analysis, etc., at you, but it comes down to one simple fact: Tim Tebow is not a NFL quarterback. Watching his gameplay, all of the analysts are correct on his throwing technique. Tebow’s throwing motion is way too elongated, and it’s not going to change.

I talked about this very aspect with my friend who is a college QB/WR coach, and he put it plainly, “They need to stop trying to change it and simply make the motion faster.” That may seem confusing or counter-intuitive, but when you are in the game and rely on what you know, you always revert to what you’ve done for your entire life. That’s why all of that off-season work for Tebow seems to have gone for naught. Instead, Tebow should work on making that motion quicker, which would help counteract his motion.

Either way, working on quickening the motion isn’t a guaranteed fix either. It would be tough to work on it midseason, and even though it would work better than an overhaul, Tebow still might not succeed. Sure, Tebow’s legs make him a dual threat, and no one “tries harder” every Sunday, but that doesn’t make him a quality NFL QB. The Denver Broncos defense and running game have as much, if not more, to do with their winning than Tebow does at QB.

The Broncos are letting Tebow showcase his skills so they can move on this offseason. Don’t be fooled. The current regime has no ties to Tebow, as the one that drafted him is now gone. Tebow would make a great trick-play or special technique option. If he was used in a  Broncos version of the wildcat where the defense had to switch up from defending a typical QB to one that could take off running at any time could work. It would certainly force defenses to plan for even more possibilities and even soften up the linebackers for bigger downfield plays.

Nevertheless, that’s a solid plan, and one that doesn’t involve Tebow being the starting QB. Cam Newton is, and will continue to be, the Panthers starting QB. There is no question that Cam is the future at QB. He takes all of the good about Tebow and his running ability and adds a monster arm, solid accuracy that is improving and good decision making which is also getting better.

Cam Newton will win more games than Tim Tebow for the rest of their careers, no question. In reality, it’s not a tough prediction because Newton is the only one who will be starting games after this season.

In addition to covering the NFL, MLB, NBA, and College Football for RotoExperts, Jake Ciely (a.k.a "All In Kid") is also a poker fiend and a Maharishi in the world of sports wagering. Jake was a finalist for the FSWA's 2010 Newcomer of the Year award. You may email Jake @ or follow him on Twitter @JakeAllinCiely


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