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Broncos: Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn Both #2 Quarterbacks

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There can only be one… when it comes to being Number One.

But it when it comes to being Number Two, two is just fine.

That’s head coach’s John Fox take on the Denver Broncos quarterback situation this season. Following reports that Brady Quinn had all but locked up the No. 2 QB spot, Fox told reporters after practice Tuesday that the team doesn’t plan on naming a true Broncos blue No. 2 until the season starts. And even then, their roles will mix.

“[I]t’s going to be [one or the other] when the season starts, just because of the new rules,” Fox said. “It’s a competitive disadvantage to announce that from the standpoint of different strengths and weaknesses by particular quarterbacks.”

The new rules to which Fox refers allow teams to dress 46 players on game day without penalty. The old rules allowed 45, with teams allowed to designate one additional player – a third-string quarterback who could only play with certain restrictions. Those restrictions have been removed, and all 46 are considered “active.” Expect Quinn and Tebow to dress each week.

All this really means is that the Broncos plan on using Tebow in specialized packages while keeping Quinn sidelined as the primary backup (as a primary backup should). I expect Quinn to win the No. 2 “spot,” but that’s rather meaningless. Barring a Kyle Orton injury, the Broncos’ “No. 3″ QB will get more snaps this season than its “No. 2.”

Meanwhile, I’d like to see the Broncos list both as No. 2. On the web site. Introduce the world to Tibrady Quibow. Make Tim Tebow’s name change to “Brady Quinn” when you hover over it with your mouse. Make it happen.


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