Broncos Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton Workout, Team Workouts Pending


To be completely honest, I don't totally understand all of this lockout mumbo jumbo, so I'm definitely not an authority on that subject. However, I do know that under the lockout there can be no player transactions and the teams cannot organize any team activities; the players are also not allowed to use the team's training facilities to work out.

The status of the lockout is in the hands of the courts and is expected to drag out for at least a few more weeks. If however, the lockout is lifted within the next few days or weeks, the Broncos will begin planning organized team activities (or OTA's). If the lockout looks like it is going to drag out for an extended period of time, the players are prepared to take team workouts into their own hands.

Many of the players have already been working out with each other; quarterback Tim Tebow has worked out with rookie linebacker Von Miller; quarterback Kyle Orton has worked out with receiver Eric Decker and many of the offensive linemen; Decker has also worked out with Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and is planning to workout with fellow receiver Eddie Royal and running back Knowshon Moreno.

Even though there is a work stoppage, all of the players have been putting in work. The players that haven't worked out with teammates (often due to location), have been working out on their own, cornerbackPerrish Cox is an example. They may however, start up team workouts and light practices, pending the court's rulings.

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According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Broncos veteran safety Brian Dawkins has tentative plans in place for three to four days of player-organized team workouts. The practices would consist mainly of conditioning, with little to no emphasis on running plays.

"All of us are training, all of us are working, so in a sense if we do come together, nothing would change as far as what we're doing now," Dawkins said. "But we would be able to build camaraderie by working out together."

So while it wouldn't be much different from what they are currently doing apart from the fact that they would all be present, Denver's players are prepared to organize team workouts, if such an action is needed. The NFL's appeal to stay the lockout will be heard on June third. In the meantime, the players are due to reply to Monday’s brief by May 20th. Stay tuned.


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