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Broncos Officials Take a Shot at Silver for Tebow Remarks

An article was published Tuesday by Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports which quoted a "highly knowledgeable member of the organization" as saying quarterback Tim Tebow is the fourth-best quarterback on Denver's roster, even behind undrafted free agent rookie Adam Weber.

On Wednesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter came to the defense of Tebow, noting that the Broncos do have plans for the second year quarterback. Broncos Head Coach John Fox confirmed that following yesterday's practice.

"First of all I would like to say that [quote came from] nobody in this building that is in the decision making process, coach or official -- maybe they heard it from the cook," said Fox. "We hold Tim in a high regard, I think he has a bright future in this game."

Fox went on to note that Tebow did not get a lot of reps last week because of the way the game played out. Expect to see Tebow getting more snaps in the team's final two preseason games.

"He has been progressing fine and he'll get more opportunities in games as we go. Everybody in this building has high regard for Tim Tebow and we think he's doing just fine."

Fox was adamant that Silver's quote did not come from any high ranking member of the organization.

"If you read it correctly I don't think it said anybody in the organization it said 'knowledgeable football person' and that would be a wide range, like I said, it could have been the chef, he sees the players everyday."

Shortly after Fox spoke, Broncos Vice President of Public Relations Jim Saccomano took to twitter, tweeting:

"Hit and run journalists, which are plentiful, only speed development of team-only media. Sometimes the tabloid mentality overtakes objectivity, at expense of some great journalists."

That quote sounds like it may have been directly aimed at Silver, who is a respected journalist.

"A serious concern for teams is granting access to outlets that provide incentives to writers based on page clicks. That is a problem."

Shout out to the Broncos for finally addressing what was getting way out of control. Be careful what you read, folks. Don't believe everything you hear and always follow up on reports. Our goal is to bring you excellent Broncos coverage 24/7 without stirring the pot just to generate traffic.We encourage you to always hold us accountable for every report and article published on Broncos Zoneand appreciate your readership.


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