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Broncos McCoy Could Be Perfect Fit for Chiefs

Kansas City lost to the Baltimore Ravens 30-7 in Sunday’s wild-card round, officially ending their season. Next up for the Chiefs is finding a replacement for Florida-bound Charlie Weis, and according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Chiefs are “strongly considering” Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy

It’s not the first time McCoy’s name has been tossed around. Last week, Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star thought he’d be someone to keep in mind.

“One candidate who would make plenty of sense is Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. He’s young, has experience, and possesses some of the skills the Chiefs not only want — but also need.”

McCoy joined the Broncos in 2009 as Josh McDaniels was hired as head coach, and eventually took over play-calling duties when McDaniels was fired.

Prior to joining the Broncos, McCoy held several offensive positions with the Carolina Panthers including wide receivers coach and quarterbacks coach. He coached three different starting quarterbacks (Vinny Testaverde, Matt Moore, and Jake Delhomme) to at least one win in the same season.

Todd Haley is searching for his third offensive coordinator in just three years, and with McCoy’s contract with the Broncos finished, this could be a great fit.


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