Is Broncos Decker a Good Fantasy Option?


Yours truly drafted Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker in both of my fantasy football leagues. That was a smart move.

If your a fantasy football owner and Decker is (for some odd reason) still available in your league, sign the second year pro as quickly as you can. The former Minnesota standout receiver is really catching on with the Broncos.

Coming in at 6’3, 218 pounds, Decker fittingly wears the jersey number of another former fan favorite receiver, Ed McCaffrey. Through the first two games of 2011, Decker has been just as reliable for the Broncos as McCaffrey was back in the good old days.

Decker has caught eight Kyle Orton passes for 166 yards (a fancy 20.8 yards-per-catch average) and two scores. He’s also played a role on special teams, returning five punts for 128 yards, including a 90-yard touchdown return.

In ESPN‘s Standard scoring system, Decker scored 21 fantasy football points on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, after scoring 11 points on Monday night. (In some scoring systems that count kick return yardage/scores, Decker scored over 30 fantasy points against the Raiders.)

With the Broncos battling injuries at the wide receiver position, Decker will have plenty of opportunities to continue being productive.  Veteran receiver Brandon Lloyd is recovering from a groin injury (and will hopefully be ready to go next week) while slot machine Eddie Royal may be out a little while longer, after leaving the stadium Sunday night on crutches (his MRI results will come back today).

One of Decker’s few downsides is his fumbling habits; he fumbled once last season despite getting limited playing time and again on Sunday afternoon. That however is something that can be corrected, and hopefully something Denver’s wide receiver coaches work this week.

Love the kid yet? If you don’t, maybe the fact that he’s one of the three Broncos players bringing back the Mile High Salute will swing you. Reebok currently isn’t selling Decker’s jersey (you can however customize an “87, DECKER” jersey on, we expect that will change sooner rather than later.

Deck can be found on twitter, @EricDecker87, be sure to give him a follow.Shoutout from the whole BT staff, Eric, keep up the great work.


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