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Titans Britt Out Due to Bar Fight?

The Tennessee Titans must be thrilled with last year’s first-round pick out of Rutgers. Kenny Britt has had his share of issues and they didn’t get any better early Friday morning. Britt was involved in a fight at the nightclub Karma at 1:45 AM, and while no charges have been filed yet, they could be coming.

As for his playing status this week against the Philadelphia Eagles, head coach Jeff Fisher says there is a possibility that he’ll sit.

I haven’t ruled out the possibility of him not playing. It really depends on the information I’m able to obtain before kickoff. That’s really all I can say,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he was “giving Kenny the benefit of the doubt,” but said that he was still getting more info. Britt better hope that any new info doesn’t piss Fisher off.

“This is what I know,” Fisher continued. “I’m still of course gathering facts. He did participate in practice. I excused him from practice while I’m still trying to obtain information. My understanding is that this point is that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, that there was an altercation and that he was one of those that was trying to break it up. That’s my understanding right now, and I’m still gathering facts.”

Apparently, Harold Pointer, 26, was drinking at the bar when 29-year old Bradford Miser punched him. The two men ended up on the floor and Britt wisely began punching Pointer as well. Britt must have known that his status as an NFL player would be questioned if he didn’t do the right thing and get involved in the fight. He knew how proud Fisher would be for knowing that he kept it real.

Pointer said he didn’t want to press charges at that point, but he says he may decide to do so later.

Britt has a touchdown in each of the last four games, so his absence wouldn’t be felt at all. The Titans have so much depth at WR, they wouldn’t even know he was gone.


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