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British Soccer Fans Get Into Wild Brawl (Video)

West Ham defeated Sunderland 1-0 in an English Premier League soccer match last Saturday, but the action continued after the game in London.

Fans from both teams got into a nasty brawl on a street outside Upton Park, where the match was played, noted (video below).

At one point in the melee, a police officer gets in a fighting stance and threatens to punch a man.

Back in the U.S., the University of Mary Washington's entire male rugby team was suspended after a cell phone video surfaced of team members singing an obscene song abut having sex with a dead prostitute.

The profanity-laden, misogynistic song was recorded at a party in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in November 2014, according to Jezebel, which posted the antics online.

The University of Mary Washington announced the team-wide indefinite suspension on March 18, four months after the song was recorded.

Sources:, Jezebel
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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