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Brian Stann Promises to Make UFC on FOX 4 Interesting

Brian Stann will serve as the welcoming party to former Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard when the Cuban-born judoka makes his UFC debut this August at UFC on Fox 4.

During a recent appearance on HDNet's Inside MMA, Stann discussed his bout against the 34-year-old UFC debutant, asserting that, whatever the outcome, the fans can expect violence without worrying about being let down.

"They want guaranteed violence and they know they're gonna get that with a fight between me and Hector," Stann said. "Fighting Hector Lombard, he's absolutely a tough guy, he's probably the heaviest handed guy I've ever faced, he's a different body style with his Judo and his wrestling mix -- he's a different kind of guy. But, I'm also a lot better. I actually trained with Chael [Sonnen] last week and was able to see the amount of improvements I've made.

"This is a fight where I think a lot of people are counting me out, a lot of people are talking an awful lot about him and forgetting what I'm capable of doing and I enjoy that, I like that," he continued. "This is the biggest fight of my career right now. A win here puts me at the elite level, gets me back into title contention and basically the same thing is on the line for him."

UFC on Fox 4 goes down on August 4 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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