Brian Stann Knows Beating Michael Bisping Won't Get Him a Title Shot

Brian Stann (12-4) is in no rush for a championship shot and feels that the current division is filled with names who could be the next No. 1 contender.

"You've got about seven or eight guys that are going to be in the top ten in this division for probably the next three or four years, and we're all just going to beat each other up," said Stann on MMA Weekly Radio. "I think we're all going to challenge for the title at some point or another, and we're going to put on a lot of exciting fights because we're all fighters."

Stann's next challenge is against one of the top ranked names of the division in Michael Bisping (22-4). They will fight today, September 22, at UFC 152.

"It's just because of the depth of the division," said Stann. "If the division wasn't that deep then I could get away with doing that. I could get away with saying, 'Hey, I just beat Michael Bisping; one of the very best in the world. I want my shot.'"

Due to the size of the middleweight division, Stann doesn't anticipate a championship fight next if he wins this Saturday.

"I don't think [a win is] going to earn me a title shot," said Stann. "I don't think at that time I can go on the microphone and say, 'Hey, I deserve my shot.' It's just not the case. I think I'm going to need one or two more fights and that's fine."

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