Brian Stann isn't Really Listening to Michael Bisping

Any of the trash talking by Michael Bisping (22-4) about Brian Stann (12-4) has fallen on deaf ears. Stann sees the talk by Bisping as part of his game plan and doesn't plan to allow it to affect the fight.

"I absolutely 100 percent don't care," said Stann on MMA Weekly Radio. "I really don't. Me and Mike aren't friends, merely acquaintances, so he knows nothing about me. So I don't see how we'd be insulted by anything we'd say to one another."

The two will fight at UFC 152 on September 22.

Since Stann debuted as a middleweight, he has gone 4-1 for the UFC. He enters the fight with a win from earlier this year. Following a five fight win streak, Bisping is coming off a loss earlier in the year.

"One thing I know about Mike, he's an intelligent guy," said Stann. "He knows what he's doing. He gets paid very, very well to do what he does, and one of those reasons is because he generates a lot of interest in his fights. I knew that was a part of the game."

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