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Brian Stann Has a lot of Respect for Michael Bisping

Brian Stann (12-4) fights to be a champion and if he can defeat Michael Bisping (22-4), he will be one step closer.

"This guy's one of the biggest stars of the UFC," said Stann on UFC's YouTube channel. "He's on the cusp of a title shot. That's the situation I'm always looking for. I want to fight the best guys."

The upcoming fight with Bisping is an ideal opponent for Stann and he couldn't have wished for a better challenge.

"I don't think there's an opponent out there that would have gotten me more excited," said Stann. "He's a guy that settles into the fight quickly, executes his game plan very well and mixes it up. He has a good feel when he needs a takedown or a couple of shots to secure the round. I think he's the very best guy at scrambling back to his feet when he's taken down."

If Bisping wants to keep this fight on his feet, Stann is more than happy to trade punches.

"I absolutely want to test his chin," said Stann. "Anybody who stood with me knows the fight doesn't last long. I'm in this to be a champion and I need to beat Michael Bisping to make a statement."

The two will fight at UFC 152 on September 22.

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