Brian Dawkins Announces Retirement from NFL

After 16 amazing seasons in the NFL, safety Brian Dawkins has officially announced his retirement. Dawkins retires with 1,131 total tackles, 37 interceptions, and 37 forced fumbles.

Dawkins last played for the Denver Broncos, having 51 tackles in his final season. Now it’s time for the 38-year-old to call it quits and hang up the cleats.

“It’s probably going to sound crazy, but you know the fact that I could play another year gave me a lot of peace to say that this is it,” Dawkins said.

Dawkins was convinced by John Elway to return as Denver goes through a new stage in their history with Peyton Manning in charge. But Elway never pressured him and let Dawkins be.

“It’s always tough to take that final step,” Elway said. “He’ll be missed. He did so many tremendous things for the Broncos, not only on the field, but his leadership off the field was something that we’ll always be grateful for.”

Dawkins says it wasn’t because of his neck, however he did say he is all healed and fine.

“My body feels good. It really does. My neck, that nerve area is cool, nothing’s wrong with it,” he said. “My strength is back where it was and my knees, things don’t ache like they do during the season when I’m walking up and down the steps.”

Dawkins looks to stay here in Denver, looking to coach high school football and raise his family.

“I’ll raise my kids here,” he said. “This is a beautiful spot.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he looks to sign a one-day contract with the Philadelphia Eagles to retire as one, since he spent 13 of his seasons there.

Congrats on an amazing career, Brian! We’re gonna one of the true greats like you.

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