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Prince Fielder to Leave the Brewers Next Season?

The one thing that could quell all the trade talks involving Milwaukee Brewers 1B Prince Fielder is a contract extension. Eligible for free agency after the 2011 season, Fielder and the team are not discussing a new contract right now according to GM Doug Melvin.

“There’s nothing going on at this time,” said Melvin.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says that the word around the clubhouse is that Fielder and agent Scott Boras rebuffed the Brewers’ initial offer and that kind of shut down the talks.

“I’m not going to get into any of that,” said Melvin. “I’m sure his name will come up in trade rumors. It always does with any player that’s not signed (for the long-term).”

Melvin says that he actually would prefer to trade position players in the offseason when you aren’t just dealing with teams in contention.

“You can get more teams involved,” he said. “Pitching, you can trade at any time. Pitching probably has more value at this time of the year. A pitcher can fit on anyone’s staff.

“A position player has to be a perfect fit. There are only so many teams competing for the players. A lot of them have certain positions filled. So, you’re only talking about one or two teams (to trade with).

“In the off-season, things change. Players go to other teams as free agents. Teams lose players. You can get more teams involved.”

So there you have it. Fielder’s name will continue to be thrown around in trade talks, but Melvin is probably better off sitting on him and allowing to get hot, thereby increasing his trade value. Right now, he’s hitting .260 with 15 HR’s.


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