Jets Massage Therapists Sue Brett Favre for Sexual Harassment

Poor Brett Favre – all he wanted was a little loving, but he just didn’t seem to understand that women who work for the team don’t do that sort of work!

Coming off a $50,000 slap on the wrist from the NFL for non-cooperation in the investigation of his sexual harassment of Jenn Sterger, he now faces sexual harassment lawsuits from Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, two massage therapists who worked for the Jets when Favre was busy harassing women there – oh yes, and being a QB when he had time.

The suit also names Lisa Ripi, who was in charge of providing the team with massage therapists.  Do we get a hint at an NFL Madam here?

Here is a taste of the allegations in the lawsuit – Scavo alleges Favre wanted a sexual threesome with her and another therapist in 2008. The suit says when her husband demanded Favre stop harassing his wife and apologize, her work assignments mysteriously ended. Sources confirm that Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole allege in the lawsuit the quarterback made sexual overtures to them, and when they refused, they were no longer called in to work.

Not surprisingly, neither Favre’s agent, the NFL, the Jets, or the Minnesota Vikings have any comment.


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