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Brett Favre Texted Sex Act Request to Jenn Sterger

While the NFL investigates the case of the gross sexual harassment in 2008 of NY Jets employee Jenn Sterger by quarterback great Brett Favre, a new sexting message has come to light.  It seems that sending Jenn text messages of his penis was not enough, so brave Brett sent her a text message requesting that she make a video tape of herself masturbating.

It remains uncertain if Jenn has handed over the masturbation request to the NFL to aid them in their investigation to see if Brett violated the league’s personal conduct policy.  The fact that they need to see IF Favre violated personal conduct policy by repeated sexting a supposedly objecting Jenn is weird. Of course if Jenn and Brett were involved in a relationship of some kind, then there is no harassment, but if Jenn objected to Brett’s behaviour, then there is not much to investigate, is there?


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